Channel Wireless

Empowering the Channel


Welcome to Australia's first Channel Only Fixed Wireless Network Provider

Channel Wireless is a channel only Fixed Wireless Carrier delivering last mile connectivity to Service Providers. We provide a broad range of wireless services including point to point wireless services, City POP services for forgotten business communities, Millimeter Wave gigabit services and full disaster recovery networks via our meshed diverse path high availability network.

We are passionate and aim to improve the Service Provider Channels engagement with their customers through the delivery of low cost and intelligently delivered disruptive products and services. We build great products to solve business bandwidth and service availability issues.

Join the Channel Wireless partner network to provide the best available, affordable big bandwidth solutions to your end customers. We will not compete with you. Ever!


We only provide services to the channel, unlike every other national fixed wireless provider, we will NOT compete against you. Ever.


We provide the most competitive business grade fixed wireless rates nationally.


We offer bandwidth on demand, you can scale in real time. Speeds range from 10Mbps to 5Gbps.     A first for Wireless Carriers.


Access to over 5000 transmission sites nationally. We can get to your clients less expensively and faster than other fixed wireless providers.


We provide agile and flexible network solutions via the most advanced service qualification, ordering and monitoring SDN.


24 x 7 Help Desk.  Defined Service response time targets and associated rebates for Network Availability, Round trip times, Fault response

Industry and Customer Applications

Replace Legacy/Expensive Services

Obtain pricing and qualify against existing expensive services such as regional fiber optic, slow BDSL, ethernet               over copper, or existing wireless providers. Keep your               clients happy and retain margins.

Black Spot Locations

Deliver services to areas not connected by Fibre carriers.

Network Redundancy/Failover

Failover services for fully redundant network offering, disparate from carrier networks.

Residual Copper Areas

Target areas where the only option is slow and business limiting copper.


Tackle business NBN services head on, with better pricing and services. 

Millimeter Wave 

Connect your customers to Australia's first MMWave network.