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At Channel Wireless we build great products that solve bandwidth and service availability issues at the most competitive market rates

Channel Wireless is a high speed internet provider delivering both fixed wireless and fibre optic services to our partner cpmmunity.  Our services are available on the Gold Coast, Goondiwindi, Warwick and a we have built our network in number of key regional communities. We have over 20 retail service provider partners from which businesses can purchase our services. The Gold Coast, still often considered a large country town, and regional Queensland have been under-served and overcharged by the major telecommunications providers. In fact businesses pay more for services in regional areas for exactly the same services being offered in larger CBD regions.

Channel Wireless set about addressing the price and service issues through delivering a high speed and highly affordable offering in these chosen regions and will continue to expand and upon our 70+ major transmission towers and sites with which to serve businesses and homes in regional Australia. 

Our goal is to deliver low cost, well supported disruptive products and services, meaning better outcomes for Australian businesses and homes. Channel Wireless provides “whitelabelled” high speed internet services via our partners, the Internet Service Provider community and also includes ISPs, MSPs, Telcos, and IT specialists, who resell our services to their end customers.

Channel Wireless operates and manages its own network. Our partners have created positive revenue streams from partnering with us and we genuinely want our partners to flourish as a result of engaging with Channel Wireless.

Join the Channel Wireless partner network to provide the best most affordable big bandwidth solutions to your end customers.

Channel Only

We are a ‘channel only’ provider. We don’t compete with your business. We offer a genuine telco in a box solution for you to resell to your customers.

Best Prices

We provide the most competitive wholesale fixed wireless rates nationally. Contact us for a no obligation competitive review on your current pricing.

Ultra fast Internet

We offer three symmetrical services – 100/300/500+mbps. Service can be delivered as Layer 2 or 3. Services have unlimited data and low latency guarantees.

Network Architecture 

We have the largest number of diverse path high availability wireless transmission sites on the Gold Coast of any wireless carrier. 

Carrier SLA

We offer rebate for not reaching our SLA and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Our SLA is exactly the same as any carrier fibre service.

Rapid Installation

Channel Wireless commits to rapid installation. We can often turn around installations in 3-5 days .

Below is just a sample of our happy Channel partners servicing the Gold Coast

We build products to empower our channel partners to meet the bandwidth needs of their customers now and into the future. Channel Wireless provides industry leading high bandwidth fixed wireless services. Our products will enable you to deliver high speed broadband to businesses that are currently serviced only by poor or expensive connectivity. Channel Wireless connections can be scaled on-demand, creating flexibility and agility without additional large infrastructure investments.

On the Gold Coast we have built the largest number of transmission sites of any wireless provider with over 70 transmission sites ready to service Gold Coast businesses.

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